My name is Carl L. Anderson but to many of my friends I’m simply known as “Papa” or “Papa Carl.”   The story behind that nickname has two origins to it.  When my son was playing college football he’d bring some of his teammates home on occasion.  One of those guys called me “Papa Carl” after he got to know me.  It sort of stuck to some extent.  Then years later when my granddaughter was naming us all, she called me “Papa.”  A friend of mine had a guitar strap made for me as a gift and he put “Papa Carl” on the strap. That did it.  So now to many people I’m just “Papa Carl.”  I’d guess that today since having done the Jam for Life project for a few years and playing music over the last ten years possibly more people know me by the nickname than my real name.  And that’s really OK, because the last decade plus of my life has really been amazing.

On September 17th of 2004 I was the recipient of a double organ transplant that saved my life.  Now I tend to look at life a lot differently than I ever did before and I kind of see it as a before transplant and an after transplant kind of thing.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 10 years trying to educate people about organ donation and share my experiences with them.  You can make a difference by simply registering to be an organ donor and put it on your drivers license.  Today I spend my time working on music and photography and just enjoying every single moment.  This is all “gravy” as far as I’m concerned.  Rather than say much more I’ll post a couple of things below that will tell you a little more about me.  And, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can reach me at    .


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